New Pulpdent Resource Available



WATERTOWN, MA: October 19, 2010 — Pulpdent Corporation has released a new 56-page full-color catalog that provides valuable information on its innovative products and their use. The catalog includes richly illustrated procedure guides, case histories, product usage tips, and other information of value to dental practitioners.

Included in the Pulpdent catalog are two case studies from Save That Tooth, a book authored by Harold Berk, DDS, FICD, FACD, Sc.D., dental practitioner, university professor, expert on dental materials, and one of the founders of Pulpdent Corporation.
One case concerns Jonathan, an active nine-year-old who, while playing on a jungle gym, banged his head on a metal cross bar and chipped his left central incisor #9. Four years after the accident, Jonathan complained that his front teeth were sensitive to heat and cold, felt a little loose, and hurt when he ate. Readers can follow this fascinating and complex case from start to finish, and even view the radiograph images. Another case concerns Charlie, a child with a large carious lesion on the labial surface of a maxillary central incisor. This unusual case study includes radiograph images and photographs of the procedure, including the final restoration.

The artistic Pulpdent catalog is designed like a magazine, with information presented in visually appealing spreads. Clinical studies, research results, independent evaluations, and clearly illustrated step-by-step procedure guides support the product information. Detailed illustrations and close-up photography make the material easy to access and absorb. The catalog is free and available upon request.

Pulpdent manufactures high-quality products for the dental profession, including adhesives, composites, sealants, cements, etching gels, calcium hydroxide products, endodontic specialties, and bonding accessories. For more information, call 800-343-4342 or visit