Behavioral Therapy May Aid Patients with Fear of Dentist



If you fear a visit to the dentist, there may be a solution.

According to a study from the British Dental Journal, one session of cognitive behavioral therapy may benefit people who have severe dental anxiety.

Researchers conducted a trial of 60 patients who relied on some type of sedation before receiving any type of dental treatment. The researchers came to the conclusion that positives that came from the cognitive behavioral therapy were valuable enough that they told dental providers to offer some kind of therapy as opposed to waiting for more studies.

All 60 patients went to a specialist dental clinic in the United Kingdom. Cognitive behavioral therapy was offered to 30 of them, and 21 accepted the treatment. Of the 21 who accepted the treatment, all but one ended up having dental treatment without a need for sedation. Also, 19 of the 20 never needed sedation again in a follow-up study 10 years later.

This information demonstrates that this type of therapy is capable of curing dental phobia.

Some of the most recent information shows that roughly 12 percent of people encounter some type of extreme dental anxiety. If they can overcome this anxiety, it will enable them to be treated before developing any major dental issues.