Bark Ingredient May Limit Plaque



Magnolia bark extract may be what you need to stop plaque.

Sugarless chewing gum that contains the ingredient aids your oral health, according a study by Caries Research.

The study indicated magnolia bark limited salivary mutans streptococci. The information was compiled from 120 healthy volunteers who were at a high risk of developing caries.

To qualify for the study, participants need a salivary mutans strepotocci concentration level of 105 CFU/mL or more. They also need to show bleeding on probing of more 25 percent.

The people were divided into groups based on what they receive, including magnolia, xylitol or the control. The people were analyzed at the start, after seven days, after 30 days and seven days after they stopped chewing the gum. Plaque pH was then reviewed based on the strip method after a sucrose challenge. The amount of salivary mutans streptococci was then counted.

It was discovered that magnolia gum drastically lowered plaque acidogenicity, mutans streptococci salivary concentration and gingival bleeding when compared to the levels of the people who chewed xylitol and the control group. The xylitol, however, also lowered the bacteria level.

The conclusion is that chewing gum that has magnolia bark is a positive thing for a person’s oral health.