Aspiring Dentists Get Hands-on Experience

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The Private Practice Experience hosted 26 potential dental students at the office of David Forlano, DDS, in East Islip, NY, in June. Participants spent 2 days working with professional and student mentors to get a glimpse of what is involved in establishing and running a private dental practice, from applying to dental school to managing and maintaining an office.

Through tutorials, participants had an opportunity to practice common dental procedures, which is unusual for undergraduates. Under the supervision of several practicing dentists, participants were led through Class I and Class II cavity preparations, implant placement, orthodontic bracket placement, and bicuspid crown preparation.

“I chose dentistry blindly and got lucky. I had no experience in a dental office, I never shadowed a dentist at work, never knew a dentist personally, and hated going to the dentist because it hurt so much,” said Forlano, who launched the Private Practice Experience in 2015 to give students the experience to make an educated decision about pursuing dentistry.

“I have always known that I wanted to be a dentist, but the Private Practice Experience helped me to solidify that decision,” said one participant of this year’s program. “All of the mentors shared their unique experiences, which allowed me to view all possibilities in dentistry. I am truly grateful for this experience, and I cannot wait to participate in it again in the near future.”

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