Aribex Unveils New Website



OREM, UTAH—March 12, 2012—Aribex, Inc., worldwide leader in handheld x-ray technologies and manufacturer of the NOMAD® Pro handheld x-ray system, celebrates the launch of its newly-revamped website. The company’s URL, , remains the same.

“The design of the Aribex website should reflect the quality, care, and professionalism that go into our NOMAD products,” said Ken Kaufman, President and Chief Financial Officer of Aribex. “We hope we have achieved that, along with a more engaging and informative experience, for our dealers and customers.”

The new site has been redesigned with a fresh look, easier navigation, and increased search functionality. Other noteworthy features include a blog, excerpts from product safety studies, and a photo gallery of NOMAD products providing improved access to care in humanitarian outreach programs around the world.

“Our new web presence does a better job of communicating the way our disruptive products are improving the x-ray experience for both the patient and the operator,” said Kaufman. “It should also help reluctant regulators, like those in Canada, to more fully and quickly comprehend that advances in technology have made it possible for us to manufacture handheld x-ray systems that are safe.”

To date, more than 30 independent studies and evaluations have shown the NOMAD to be as safe or safer than conventional systems. In addition, the NOMAD has many advantages over the bulky wall-mount and portable systems in use, including its lightweight, rechargeable, and go-anywhere features.

About Aribex
Aribex is the worldwide leader in portable and handheld x-ray products. Aribex NOMAD x-ray systems are now in use in clinical, remote and mobile facilities throughout the world, from the finest professional offices to humanitarian missions reaching underserved populations who desperately seek care. The NOMAD significantly decreases costs and provides hundreds of safe, high-quality images for dental and veterinary applications on a single battery charge. For more information, visit