American Dental Patients Flock to Mexico To Receive Dental Work



A rising number of Americans are crossing the border to receive dental work in Mexico. Some Mexican dentists are targeting Americans because of the lower costs in their country.

The situation with the United States’ economy is forcing some people to cut back their expenses. One way to do that—especially for people without dental insurance—is to go where dental care is cheaper.

This isn’t a new revelation for Americans to cross the border for dental treatment. It is, however, something that has increased over the years. Despite the added cost of the transportation and possible hotel stay, in most cases the dental patient would still save money.

Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry is a place that many Americans and Canadians head to for certain procedures. This particular practice has been around for about a decade and some staff members speak English. The team of dentists at the facility is capable of an array of procedures, ranging from basic checkups to elaborate smile makeovers.

As long as insurances costs in the United States stay the way they are, this trend won’t change any time soon.