Aesthetics in Dentistry: It’s More Than Beauty

Damon Adams, DDS


Aesthetic outcomes, having always been heavily dependent upon the materials, techniques, and options available to any given generation of clinicians, have been improving dramatically with an exponential climb in the observed results during the past 25 years. Nowadays, astute and well-trained clinicians can provide amazing results to their patients, delivering clinical work that also keeps aesthetics in proper harmony with function. Both direct and indirect material options have arrived at a point that permit the artist within the clinician and/or the doctor-lab team to achieve what is required to create teeth that can often masquerade as the incredible work of mother nature. However, even as dental professionals (depending upon our practice circumstances), we may not fully realize what a life-changing event it is to have an undesirable smile—or a smile that has been devastated by a traumatic event—artfully restored. Furthermore, beauty is one thing, but the ability to establish, enhance, or restore the self-confidence and positive feelings of self-worth for a patient is a huge responsibility requiring a serious commitment to knowledge and excellence that should never be taken for granted.

We proudly present 3 articles that serve as real-world testimonies for the important role that aesthetics plays in dentistry. In our cover-featured article, Dr. Michael Apa shares how he expertly took an interdisciplinary approach to treating serious trauma-based dental injuries, allowing his patient to look and to feel great again; Drs. Tyler and William Wynne showcase how they thoughtfully gave the gift of a more youthful smile to their patient; and, in an excellent article by Dr. Hal Stewart, we see the minimally invasive use of direct composites to rehabilitate both stable function and very good aesthetics for his patient.

In addition to our lineup of other informative clinical articles, our peer-reviewed selection (available for 2 FAGD/MAGD CEUs) by Dr. John Hardeman covers diabetes mellitus classification, medications, and the dental management of these patients.

Please enjoy this exciting issue of Dentistry Today!