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The ADA Standards Committee on Dental Products is seeking comments on the following proposed standards 

  • Proposed revision of ADA Standard No. 119, Manual Toothbrushes: This newly revised standard presents requirements and test methods for the physical properties of manual toothbrushes to assist in ensuring these products are safe for their intended use. A test method for determining the resistance of the tufted portion to deflection is included.
  • Proposed revision of ADA Standard No. 139, Dental Base Polymers: This newly revised standard classifies various types of denture base polymers, including heat-polymerizable materials, auto-polymerizable materials, thermoplastic blank of powder, light-activated materials, and microwave-cured materials and specifies the requirements and test methods for their physical properties. It also specifies requirements for the products’ packaging and the instructions provided for their use.
  • Proposed ADA Technical Specification No. 150, Method for Determination of Polymerization Shrinkage Stress of Polymer-based Restorative Materials: This new specification was drafted to provide a simple and easy to use test method for documenting a claim of measurement for the polymerization shrinkage stress developed under clinically relevant conditions and describes the instrument to be used. Polymerization shrinkage stress generated because of constrained volumetric shrinkage upon curing of polymeric restorative materials can significantly impair the integrity of the tooth-restorative interface and reduce the clinical longevity of dental restorations.
  • Proposed ADA Standard No. 158, Coupling Dimensions for Dental Handpiece Connectors: This new standard classifies the coupling systems manufactured to connect handpieces to motors that are connected to dental units. It specifies the dimensions, tolerances, and extraction force of coupling systems and the test methods to be used.

The ADA Standards Committee on Dental Products develops standards for dental materials, oral hygiene products, infection control products, dental equipment, dental instruments, CAD/CAM, and more. Standards for dental materials, instruments, and equipment are formulated by working groups of the committee. The committee has representation from all interests in the United States in the standardization of materials, instruments, and equipment in dentistry.

To obtain copies of the standards or to comment on them, call (312) 440-2506 or email

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