A Continuing Focus on Dental Materials

Damon Adams, DDS


Last month, in our cover feature, Dr. Sameer Puri presented a review of and update on in-office CAD/CAM dental materials.

In this issue of Dentistry Today, we are proud to have Dr. George Tysowsky, a highly respected expert in dental materials and their clinical applications, as the author of a peer-reviewed continuing education selection available for 2 FAGD/MAGD CEUs. Dr. Tysowsky outlines the history and evolution of zirconia, along with an update on the current clinical applications of this modern dental material. He also covers the key preparation and cementation factors that every practicing clinician should know and understand when treatment planning and using zirconia/zirconia-based materials.

In addition to a historical background and didactic information on this modern material for restorative and prosthetic (such as the fixed-removable implant-supported prosthesis) applications, Dr. Tysowsky provides answers to some of the clinically relevant questions that are on the minds of many doctors: What are the basic differences between the variety of formulations of zirconia (3Y-TZP, 4Y-TZP, and 5Y-TZP zirconia materials) that have been introduced and used? Exactly how has zirconia, as a polycrystalline ceramic (with no secondary glass phase), been further developed to go from a less aesthetic choice to one that is now beginning to rival certain glassy ceramics? How do the mechanical and optical properties of the different zirconia formulations play into material choice decisions? What are the current recommendations for surface treatments for the intaglio surfaces of zirconia restoration and for tooth preparation? After our dental lab team sandblasts a zirconia restoration, do we need to re-sandblast zirconia at the seat?

This month, we are also proud to present a number of other clinical case reports and articles with clinically related topics by leading clinician-authors. At Dentistry Today, we always strive to choose and publish content that is not only interesting to read, but has practical and relevant information that will increase the knowledge of the practicing dentist.

Please enjoy this exciting issue of Dentistry Today!

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