85% of Endodontic Practices Are Still Open

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According to the American Association of Endodontists (AAE), 85% of endodontic practices have been open for emergencies during the pandemic, based on an April survey of 468 of its more than 8,000 members.  

“The goal of this survey to gain insights into the impact of COVID-19 on members’ practices and identify how the AAE, Foundation, and industry can support members and their practices,” said AAE president Dr. Alan H. Gluskin.

Also, 39% of respondents had N95 masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) that they need. Another 12% didn’t have masks but had equivalent filtering facepiece respirators and other PPE. Still another 38% were using surgical masks and other PPE to do their best. Nearly 11% did not have PPE to provide endodontic care.

More than 56% of respondents were taking the temperatures of patients arriving in their offices in addition to screening them by telephone. Plus, 67% reported less than 25% of normal patient volume compared to a typical week in practice.

When it came to what respondents would like to see covered in resources from the AAE, equipment and supplies including masks and other PPE ranked highest, followed by treatment recommendations and guidance, as well as the latest scientific information on COVID-19.

This pandemic has underscored the important role of endodontists and the need to protect them as they treat patients in pain and keep them away from emergency rooms, the AAE said.

“The two major themes to glean from these survey results are PPE and financial relief,” said Gluskin. “This is where we intend to focus much of our attention over the next several months in terms of providing our members with resources and support and advocating on their behalf for proper PPE.”

The survey included AAE members in practice and educators. It did not include residents or international members. The AAE also noted that it offers information and resources about the coronavirus aae.org/covid.

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