Celebrate Save Your Tooth Month This May

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The American Association of Endodontists (AAE) launched its annual Save Your Tooth Month celebration on May 1 with some modifications to fit the times, as many endodontists’ offices are open only for emergency cases.

“Endodontists can still save teeth, they can do it painlessly, and they can be found at findmyendodontist.com,” said AAE president Dr. Alan H. Gluskin. “In turn, we can share their inspirational stories to make Save Your Tooth Month all the more meaningful in the era of COVID-19.”

To help recognize the important work of endodontists in these times, the AAE is encouraging its members to submit those stories online at aae.org/stories. Patients also may share their stories by emailing pr@aae.org.

Knowing where to go for tooth pain or infected teeth not only can save teeth but also lives, the AAE said, by reducing the burden on local emergency rooms. Endodontists are trained to treat dental emergencies related to pain and infection and have the resources and equipment to save teeth, the AAE added.

Patients also should know that practicing dentists in all specialties, dental auxiliaries, and dental laboratories currently use infection control procedures as described by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the ADA, including the use of rubber dams, masks, and high-evacuation suction.

The AAE will share stories all month long on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Participants also can use the hashtags @thankanendo and #sytm2020.

“We have three main message points this month,” said Gluskin.

“One, endodontists are available to see dental emergencies and relieve the burden of emergency rooms and departments,” said Gluskin.

“Two, the public can easily find an endodontist in their area with our user-friendly tool: findmyendodontist.com,” he said.

“Three, endodontists are highly valued, always, but even more so in these times. If you’ve received care from an endodontist, be sure to #thankanendo this month,” Gluskin said.

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