Carl Zeiss Meditec

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Carl Zeiss Meditec

EyeMag loupes combine high-quality optics with sophisticated design. A large selection of working distances and magnification levels enables you to select the right loupes for your application needs. Both Prism and Galilean loupe types are available in a flip-up configuration, making the loupes extremely flexible and ergonomic for a comfortable, daily working position. The EyeMag Light, a compact, portable LED headlight system, perfectly complements the EyeMag loupe systems while offering bright, even illumination. For more information, call (800) 442-4020. For more information, call (800) 442-4020 or visit

Parameters of Product: Front Loupes Buyers Guide
Magnification powers available (range) Galilean 2.5x; Prismatic 3.2x to 5.0x
Optimum angle of declination (in degrees) Variable
Used with Rx lenses? Yes
Side debris protection? Yes
Type of nose pads Soft silicone
Adjusted for low, average, and high noses? Yes
Methods for infection control Disinfectant (mild)
Can magnification loupes be wiped with liquid? Yes (damp not dripping cloth)
Are the magnification loupes dust resistant? Yes
Supplemental light delivery Coaxial on loupes, headband mounted, LED
Are there supplemental laser protection lenses? No
Type of coatings Multilayer
Lenses scratch resistant? Yes
“Try-before-you-buy” option? Yes
Warranty 1 year

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