Imaging System Combines Panoramic and Cephalometric Options

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The Shatkin F.I.R.S.T. Papaya 3D Plus 3-D CBCT combination dental x-ray imagining system provides panoramic and cephalometric options. The versatile imaging capability provides accurate information for implant planning, the company reports. It offers three dedicated sensors, including one for 3-D, one for 2-D, and one for cephalometric. This machine also boasts five fields of view, including 4 by 5 cm, 7 by 7 cm, 8 by 8 cm, 14 by 8 cm, and 14 by 14 cm. Its fast scan mode can produce scanning times as low as 7.7 seconds to reduce motion artifacts and image distortion. And, the 3D Papaya comes with Triana software that is designed to be easy to navigate and extremely helpful with many different measuring tools. 

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