Wall-Mounted Radiography Unit Saves Space and Costs

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Owandy Radiology has received Food and Drug Administration 510(k) clearance for its I-Max 3D wall-mounted panoramic digital radiography unit. Designed to cut costs and physical space requirements, the I-Max 3D weighs 145 pounds and is shipped fully assembled in a single box. It also can be mounted by a single technician.

The I-Max 3D’s cone beam flat panel delivers high-definition image quality, the company reports. Also, its Automatic Layers Integration System is designed to ensure exceptional image quality and automatically select the best images. Plus, its multiple fields of view include four volume sizes: 12 by 10 cm for implantology (full mouth and condyle), 9 by 9 cm for a full mouth, 9 by 5 cm for a full arch, and 5 by 5 cm for endodontics, with 87-µm resolution.

Furthermore, the I-Max 3D’s 24 programs, including adult and child versions, are designed to enable a full range of examinations required by today’s dental practice. Its intuitive, user-friendly human machine interface includes automatically integrated imaging tools and image-enhancing filters. 

CAD/CAM ready, the unit is equipped with QuickVision 3-D software for comprehensive case planning. It also can share .STL files from a dental lab or digital scanner. With its Face Features Scan, users can import .PLY or .OBJ files into their 3-D software and associate the corresponding 3-D volume. Implant surgical guides are included as well.

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