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J. Morita USA

PowerTemp, a user-friendly, automix temporary cement, is indicated for the temporary cementation of crowns or bridges as well as try-in and evaluation of permanent restorations. It demonstrates a powerful bond to crown and bridge materials and yet re-mains easy to remove. Its noneugenol and ZnO/ organic-based formula will not inhibit the curing of resin-based materials, and it is an excellent choice when allergies to eugenol are a concern. PowerTemp can be purchased in a 50-mL cartridge or a 5-mL automix mini syringe. Its neutral color offers exceptional aesthetics. For more information, call (888) JMORITA (566-7482) or contact your dealer.

Parameters of Product: Temporary Cements
How is cement mixed? Automix
Eugenol-free formula? Yes
Offers more than one provisional cement formula? No
Desensitizing material in the formulation? No
Working time? 1.5 minutes
Complete setting time intraorally? 2 to 3 minutes
Minimum film thickness 10 ┬Ám
More than one color available? No
Radiopacity N/A
Compressive strength 5.9 MPa

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