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Ultradent Products

Opalescence Boost includes Ultradent’s patented and scientifically proven PF technology for stronger enamel, decreased sensitivity, and caries prevention. Clinical studies have shown that excellent in-office whitening results do not require the use of a light. It has maintained its time-tested and chemically activated 38% hydrogen peroxide solution, now with the added benefit of PF technology. The unique syringe-to-syringe mixing system ensures freshness in application, while the distinct red color makes the gel easy to apply and remove. For more information, call (800) 552-5512.

Parameters of Product: In-Office Whitening Systems Buyers Guide
Active whitening ingredient Hydrogen peroxide
Concentration of active ingredient 38%
Fluoride or desensitizers Both, patented potassium nitrate and fluoride formula
Viscosity Thick gel
Light or heat source Neither
pH when in use in the mouth 4.5
Flavoring? No
Is whitening material premixed? No
Automix or operator mix? Operator-mixed
Average time to treat a single arch 15 minutes
Number of treatment sessions per arch 3 to 4 sessions, with 15-minute applications
Refrigeration required? Yes
Shelf life 18 months
Isolation of gingival tissues required? Yes
Isolation material included in kit? Yes
Recommended material for gingival isolation OpalDam, syringe delivery
Home treatment recommended before/after bleaching? Yes, after
Maintenance product included? Yes

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