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J. Morita USA

SB Posts are presandblasted stainless steel dental posts used in strengthening endodontically treated teeth that have partially or completely missing crowns. In addition to excellent retention created by longitudinal and horizontal grooves, all SB Posts have sandblasted surfaces for maximum adhesion between the metal post and cementing resin. Stainless steel construction provides high corrosion resistance and mechanical strength. The posts are available in 20 different sizes. For more information, call (888) JMORITA (566-7482) or visit the Web site www.jmoritausa.com.

Parameters of Product: Metal Posts Buyer's Guide
Material/ type of metal Stainless steel
Design Threaded
Shape Parallel
Recommended cement Adhesive
Recommended core build-up Material Resin
Available lengths (millimeters) 8, 10, 12, 14, 16.5, 18
Available widths (millimeters) 0.84, 1.04, 1.24, 1.44, 1.64
Are the drill and post components size-matched? No drill included
Packaging Organizer, refills

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