Magnified Video Dentistry

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Magnified Video Dentistry

The MagnaVu PS3 allows you to perform procedures from an LCD display while sitting up in a natural, more ergonomic position. This relieves most back, neck, and eyestrain. It features a hands-free zoom control, freeze frame, and mirrored image capabilities that allow it to replace most cameras, exam lights, microscopes, and loupes. For more information, call (877) 556-6587 or visit

Parameters of Product: Microscopes Buyers Guide
Magnification levels for each step when packaged with the most commonly sold objective lens
Can be adjusted for Rx lenses?
Recommended method for infection control
Fluid resistant?
Dust resistant?
Fine focus? If so what is the range?
Zoom magnification?
Removable lens protector?
Objective lens distances (distance from microscope to patient)
Track mount or other system for multioperatory use?
Total Number of ports available for video and still cameras
Binoculars reclinable?
Available adaptors
“Try-before-you-buy” option?
Warranty period for the body and frame?
Warranty for electrical portion (light source, fiber-optic cables, etc.)?
Standard light source
Additional light sources available
Upgraded light cables?
Key accessories

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