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The Elements ObĀ­turation Unit combines SybronEndo's System B technology with a motor-driven extruder handpiece to make obturation efficient, predictable, and accurate. The system includes a nonglare tilt screen, a long-life battery, autoclavable cords, and visual and audio signals. Extruder cartridges are available with either Resilon or gutta-percha. For more information, call (800) 346-3636 or visit

Parameters of Product: OBTURATION SYSTEMS Buyers Guide
Gutta-percha delivery method Injectable, heat and condense
Recommended fill technique Down pack, back fill
Estimated down-pack time (if applicable) 12 seconds
Estimated backfill time (if applicable) 12 seconds
Estimated total fill time (if applicable) 30 seconds
Allow temperature control during use? Yes
Consistencies of gutta-percha (total number) 3
Gutta-percha introduction into the canal Uniformly thermasoftened
Flow characteristics Flowable
Synthetic gutta-percha or alternative fill materials? Yes, RealSeal
Warm-up time from cold to ready-to-use 45 seconds
Temperature display? (digital, ready light, graphical, audio) Yes, digital
Delivery needle sizes 3: 20-, 23-, and 25-ga
Designed for hot pulp testing? Yes
Heat plugger sizes 5: .12, .10, .08, .06, .04
Recommended endodontic sealers Zinc oxide eugenol, resin
Handpiece clean-up time None
Accept tips from other manufacturers? No

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