Zahn Dental Exclusively Distributes Myerson’s New Trusana 3D Premium Denture System

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Zahn Dental, Trusana 3D Premium Denture System


Zahn Dental has announced its exclusive distribution of Myerson’s newly launched Trusana Premium Denture System. The system comprises the Trusana Premium 3D Tooth Resin, Trusana Premium 3D Denture Base Resin, and Trusana Bond Denture Adhesive. These three products work together to create a premium denture with optimal physical properties and aesthetics for dental laboratories.

Zahn Dental, Trusana 3D Premium Denture System

Created by a team of scientists and clinicians from around the world, Trusana’s patented chemistry delivers an esthetic, unfilled polymer with high flexural strength, fracture toughness, and wear resistance that helps mirror the beauty and translucency of a natural smile. Trusana resins won a RadTech/UVA Emerging Technology award for additive manufacturing in 2020.

“Zahn Dental’s ongoing relationship with Myerson has helped us deliver on our commitment of helping dental laboratories embrace and accelerate their adoption of digital dentistry,” said Rita Acquafredda, president, Global Dental Lab & Prosthetic Solutions. “With the addition of Myerson’s complete digital denture system, we can continue to strengthen our portfolio of dental laboratory solutions that help improve our customers’ production processes and enhance patient outcomes.”

The Trusana Premium Denture System’s innovative science and technology helps dental laboratories produce final digital dentures that maintain strength, and the characteristics of a traditional denture. Together, the Trusana Premium 3D printing resins result in a high-quality product, while helping to save time, money, and materials.

“We are thrilled to introduce the new Trusana Premium Denture System, together with Zahn Dental,” said Jim Swartout, president and CEO, Myerson. “Myerson has dedicated years of university-based research to create resins for 3D printing denture teeth with exceptional wear resistance and optimal esthetics, and a denture base with high-impact strength. Our patented 3D printing resins can help deliver optimal strength and toughness, with minimal moisture absorption. We are pleased to help fulfill the dental industry’s need for a straightforward digital workflow using next level 3D printing resins to produce the highest quality dentures.”

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Zahn Dental, the dental laboratory business of Henry Schein, stands as a leading distributor of CAD/CAM equipment, digital materials, removable prosthetic teeth, and traditional core supplies to dental laboratories across North America. Zahn offers a comprehensive range of services, including full-service support, training, and repair departments, as well as R&D, aimed at providing effective solutions for laboratories. The company is committed to delivering cutting-edge technology to enable labs to produce top-quality products for clinicians. Zahn’s extensive product lineup, coupled with industry-leading selection, innovative solutions, and technical support, positions Zahn as a total solution provider.

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Myerson stands as a globally recognized dental manufacturing company, offering materials and equipment for fabricating complete dentures, metal-free partial dentures, and custom oral appliances for snoring and sleep apnea. Myerson’s popular products include Myerson and Kenson Denture Teeth, DuraFlex, Visiclear, and DuraCetal for removable partial frameworks, along with EMA® sleep appliances. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Myerson’s manufacturing facility is located in the Caribbean country of Trinidad and Tobago, where they have been producing medical devices for over 70 years.

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