‘AlignMiracle’ Makes Waves in the World of Direct Clear Aligners



ODS Co., Ltd., a leading provider of Direct Clear Aligner (also known as “Direct Print Aligner”), announced the publication of treatment cases using direct clear aligners in the October 2023 issue of the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics (JCO), one of the most respected publications in the field of orthodontics.

alignmiracle, direct clear aligner

‘Orthodontic Treatments Using Directly 3D-Printed Clear Aligners’ published in the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics on October 2023 (Graphic: Business Wire)

The Direct Clear Aligner is an orthodontic solution that designs aligners directly on each step of the setup model on the computer and prints them directly with clear resin on the 3D printer. This process eliminates the need for an intermediate printed teeth model, which involves thermoforming the sheets and trimming.

Founded in 1967, JCO is an esteemed international academic journal with a rich history spanning over five decades. It serves as a platform for disseminating the latest techniques and innovative approaches in orthodontics. With its comprehensive coverage and global reach, JCO has garnered a loyal readership among orthodontic clinicians worldwide.

ODS’s CMO, Richard Jang, remarked, “ODS has been committed to the development of the direct clear aligner ‘AlignMiracle’ for over eight years since 2015, relying solely on our proprietary technology and has acquired KFDA and FDA (class 1) certification. Presently, approximately 20 professors, orthodontists and dentists, across 16 dental hospitals and clinics, including Chung-Ang University Gwangmyeong Hospital and 22 Century Dental Hospital are actively participating in treating patients with ‘AlignMiracle’”.

“This paper highlighted completed treatment cases from the initial group commenced in 2021” said Dr. Sim (Ph.D. in dentistry), the first and main author of this paper. And she added “we hope to be able to report additional cases to the academic community from 2024, when the 120 clinical cases currently in progress begin to be completed.”

For more information regarding ‘AlignMiracle’ and Direct Clear Aligner, as featured in the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics, please visit the website: https://www.jco-online.com/archive/2023/10/606-orthodontic-treatment-using-directly-3d-printed-clear-aligners/.