Year-Long Seminar Series Scheduled for 2019

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The McGann Postgraduate School and Progressive Orthodontic Seminars have announced their schedule of classes for 2019.

Asymmetry in Orthodontics and Clear Aligners for Kids? will be held in February and March in San Jose and Orange County, California, and in New York City. These courses are worth 16 continuing education (CE) credits each. The Free Introduction to Comprehensive Orthodontics will be held in March and April in California, Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and online. Up to 8 CE credits will be available.

Dr. David Dana will present a one-day seminar on the use of Botulin toxin in dentistry in Orange County on May 4. The class is worth 8 CE credits and includes an injection kit with 50 units of Botox. Dr. Jeffery Taylor will lead the two-day Finishing Seminar in Orange County, May 4 and May 5, which is worth 16 CE credits. Dr. Shockley Weir will lead the three-day Mechanics Course in Orange County, May 24 to May 26, and in Houston, July 12 to July 14, for 24 CE credits. The three-day Orthodontics for Children seminar will be held in Orange County, July 19 to July 21 and October 4 to October 6, with 24 CE credits available. The two-day Apnea-TMD-Ortho seminar will be held in New York City, October 5 to October 6, for 16 CE credits.

The Comprehensive Orthodontic Series will run from the spring through the fall in California, Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Carolina, New York, Oregon, and Texas, with up to 384 CE credits available. Using the Internet Assisted Training format, the Comprehensive Orthodontics seminars will be offered September 20 to September 22 in Sacramento, California, and November 1 to November 3 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The course includes 24 CE credits with up to 64 credits for online studies.

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