Wisconsin Dentists Can Administer the COVID-19 Vaccine

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Dentists in Wisconsin now can administer the COVID-19 vaccine as Governor Tony Evers signed Senate Bill (SB) 13, now Wisconsin Act 8, while visiting the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee COVID-19 vaccine site on March 22.

SB 13 allows dentists to administer COVID-19 and flu vaccines under certain circumstances, including completion of an eight-hour course on vaccine storage, protocols, administration technique, emergency procedures, and record keeping, and liability insurance meeting certain requirements.

“Wisconsin has been consistently at the top as a leader in the nation in getting available shots in arms, and that’s in part because Wisconsinites are always ready to roll up their sleeves and help,” said Evers. “It’s all hands on deck, and dentists have the right knowledge and experience to get shots in arms quickly and safely, and we know we can use their help to get this done and to put the pandemic behind us.”

SB 13 also requires dentists to update the Wisconsin Immunization Registry within seven days of administering a COVID-19 or flu vaccine. It also says that dentists may not administer a COVID-19 or flu vaccine to a child under the age of six unless it is prescribed and they have completed specific training to do so. 

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