Whitening Market to Reach $7.4 Billion by 2024

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The global market for teeth whitening products will reach $7.4 billion by 2024, according to Hexa Research. Mounting consumer demand for clean and white teeth coupled along with increased oral hygiene awareness will drive the boom. Also, there’s a growing consumer preference for over-the-counter products in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, India, and China, according to the company.  

In terms of revenue, whitening toothpaste holds the largest share of the market at 86.3%, and Hexa Research expects it to maintain this position through 2024. As unhealthy lifestyles accompanied by the consumption of liquor, soda, tobacco, junk food, and similar products discolor the teeth and prompt users to purchase whitening products, these toothpastes are playing a major role in oral hygiene maintenance.

Whitening strips totaled $899.8 million in 2016 and will see a 4% compound annual growth rate due to rising consumer demand for quick results. Companies such as Colgate-Palmolive, P&G, and GlaxoSmithKline aim to create consumer awareness of herbal products for teeth whitening via initiatives and campaigns as well, further augmenting the market’s growth. And, rising living standards and disposable incomes will be a factor in the overall market’s success. 

To enhance their product portfolios, leading companies in the field are focusing on research and development. They also are expanding their presence in the global market by acquiring local players. In April, for example, Colgate-Palmolive acquired Indian brand Ciba-Geigy to expand its reach in rural India. These efforts also will drive the market during the forecast period, Hexa Research believes. 

Unregulated practices may hinder some of this growth, however. In the United Kingdom, the General Dental Council took action against more than 1,270 artificial teeth whitening product manufacturers due to complaints of inferior, substandard products. Side effects such as teeth sensitivity and irritation of soft tissues in the mouth may hamper the market as well, though manufacturers are addressing these issues through research and development.

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