When It Comes to Successful Case Presentation, Look Good and Relax

Roger Levin, DDS


When it comes to case presentation, the main emphasis is often on creating persuasive messaging. And while effective messaging is critical, your appearance and demeanor are just as important.

When you look great, remain relaxed, and present yourself with confidence, people will trust you and react positively to your recommendations. This is a game changer for case acceptance, so it may be time to get yourself together. Here’s my advice for how to present yourself while presenting your case. 

Look Good

In any business setting, looking “put together” is important. Whether you’re in scrubs, a lab coat, a suit, or a dress, it’s essential to appear organized, clean, and fresh. Clothing with wrinkles, stains, or holes simply won’t work. Neither will scruffy beards, crazy hair, or dirty fingernails. 

If you’re not sure about your look, it may be time for a mini-makeover. Make sure your clothes are properly dry cleaned, laundered, and ironed. Invest some time and money with a salon or barber. You’ll look and feel better.

Be Calm and Relaxed 

Dentistry is a fairly stressful activity that can mentally drain the doctor from the first minute of the day. Unfortunately, most doctors don’t take the time to stop and relax prior to entering a case presentation and end up blowing into the room like a whirlwind. 

Take a minute before entering a case presentation to stop and get your mental game together. Close your eyes for 30 seconds, take a few deep breaths, and think positive thoughts. Have a mantra that you repeat 10 times to help put you in a more relaxed state. Visualize someone you greatly respect that has a calm demeanor and internalize how they behave.

These techniques really work. One of our clients uses former President Ronald Reagan as a model because he was always calm and structured in his speeches. Another client takes 10 slow breaths prior to any case presentation. Both of these doctors’ close rates have gone up.

Act Confident

People with confidence achieve far more in life. They take more risks and are willing to fail. For dentists, this means higher case acceptance through better case presentation. Although confidence is one of those long-term internalized beliefs systems that takes time, you don’t have to wait to act confident. Ever heard the saying “Fake it until you make it”?

We taught one of our clients to assume that his patients had already accepted treatment and that his presentation was merely a re-explanation of the treatment. Close rates went up by 50% immediately. Another client, like many, needed to work on body language. We encouraged her to smile, shake hands, lean forward to project energy and enthusiasm, and make eye contact. Her close rates went up as well.


Case presentation involves far more than simply explaining the case to a patient. Your appearance and demeanor matter and can greatly influence your close rates. Practice leaders can easily improve in these areas, but it does take some thought and effort. Taking the time and effort to look good, be relaxed, and act confidently can help you improve your case presentation and boost your bottom line.

Dr. Levin is the CEO of Levin Group, a leading dental management consulting firm. Founded in 1985, Levin Group has worked with more than 30,000 dental practices. Dr. Levin is one of the most sought-after speakers in dentistry and is a leading authority on dental practice success and sustainable growth. Through extensive research and cutting-edge innovation, Dr. Levin is a recognized expert on propelling practices into the top 10%. He has authored 65 books and more than 4,000 articles on dental practice management and marketing. To contact Dr. Levin, email rlevin@levingroup.com.

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