3 Ways To Turn New Movers Into New Clients

Michael Plummer, Jr.


With the Fall season upon us and back-to-school routines commencing, new movers are settling into their homes and forming habits in their new communities. This is an ideal time for dental offices to reach out to impressionable residents with a new patient offering.

Nearly 40 million people move each year, so even if your practice is already established in your community, ramping up your advertising efforts to factor new movers into your marketing strategy is essential to replacing patients that have moved away.

As with any business, attracting new clients is key to growth. As mentioned, a new mover direct mail marketing campaign will target new residents and encourage them to schedule an appointment as they restart their routines this Fall season.

Here are just a few reasons why new mover direct mail marketing helps dental practices across the nation attract new patients.

1. Direct Mail is Personal.

On average, American adults spent seven hours and 50 minutes in front of a digital screen in 2020. With that in mind, it seems logical to turn to email marketing as a tool to attract new patients. However, the amount of time spent on computers is causing many Americans to experience screen fatigue and email overload. What may have been an attractive, eye-catching offer becomes just another ‘junk email’ amongst the hundreds received that day. Many Americans don’t have the time to sift through every single email. It’s easy to hit delete or skim past it and promise yourself you’ll read it later.

Direct mail is a surefire method to reach new patients where they are. And, with remote work being so common these days, people are home more and checking their mailbox more often. Research reveals direct mail is easier to understand and more memorable than digital media. It elicits a higher brand recall and requires 21 percent less brainpower to process. Direct mail also offers a tactile, personalized experience that people appreciate.

2. Target New Movers.

Moving is a stressful time, and it can be difficult for new residents to find businesses they enjoy visiting. Getting your practice set up with a new mover marketing campaign that will send a Welcome Package to new movers on your behalf is a great way to introduce them to your dental office before they establish loyalties to your competitors. By sending new movers proven offers, you graciously welcome them – striking an emotional reaction – and have a greater chance of turning them into loyal customers than you would with a repeat mailer once they’ve already found a dental practice on their own.

My company, Our Town America, relies on new mover direct mail marketing to help businesses bring in new customers. Our Welcome Package commonly generates an 8 percent response rate. All you have to do is provide solid customer service to turn new patients into loyal patients.

3. Don’t Neglect Marketing Basics

Before my company helps you design your new mover gift certificate and decide what proven offer will get you the best response from new movers in your area, your dental office needs a solid marketing plan to ensure success. It’s essential to establish a vision for your practice, create a mission statement, and identify your target demographic.

Determining your long-term goals as a first step will help you in employing a sound advertising strategy that will attract loyal patients.


After serving our country as a US Army Medic, Michael Plummer, Jr. returned to the family business (Our Town America – the nation’s premier New Mover Marketing franchise started by his father in 1972) in 2001 to work in the IT department. 15+ years later, Plummer now leads the business as its CEO and CTO – using his extensive technology/data experience to make Our Town America the savviest analytical player in the industry.

A technology expert with more than 15 years of leadership experience, Michael Plummer, Jr. has helped Our Town America establish itself as the nation’s fastest-growing and most successful New Mover Marketing franchise. With dozens of franchise partners located from coast to coast, Our Town America helps thousands of local business spark long-term, loyal relationships with countless new movers each and every year.


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