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Endo-Eze comprises unique technology, devices, techniques, and materials (many of them patented designs from Ultradent) to solve everyday endodontic problems with common sense. Mechanical rotary instruments create a round hole to the apex and don’t always adequately address ribbon-shaped or ovoid canals. Rather than using a rotary system that forces the canal to adapt to the instrument, Endo-Eze uses instruments and methodologies that adapt to the natural anatomy of the canal. Optimized for Ultradent’s 30° reciprocating handpiece, TiLOS files are available in preconfigured packs. The TiLOS system includes stainless steel and Ni-Ti hand files as well as engine-driven stainless steel shaping files and Ni-Ti transitional files. For more information, call (800) 552-5512 or ultradent.com.