UCLA School of Dentistry to Study Saliva-Based Lung Cancer Detection

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Spectrum Solutions LLC has sponsored a research collaboration with the UCLA School of Dentistry for a study on using saliva in early lung cancer detection and analysis.

The company has funded a study that aims to recruit 50 patients with lung cancer and seeks to validate saliva’s tumor-specific ctDNA detection sensitivity and positive agreement against tissue biopsy-based genotyping.

Saliva will be collected, preserved, and transported for DNA testing using Spectrum’s Saliva Collection System. Spectrum will further support the development of clinical methods and additional technical innovations.

The study is being led by Dr. David Wong, professor of oral biology at the UCLA School of Dentistry, which will be the lead research site in the United States for the study.

“Saliva-based liquid biopsy ctDNA detection can be used to not only provide an accurate cancer diagnosis, but additionally track the actionable mutations, monitor a response to treatments, and assess the emergence of drug resistance,” said Wong.

“This study’s non-invasive use of saliva for the analysis of ctDNA will prove to overcome current limitations, provide procedures that improve detection sensitivity, and offer significant clinical impact on early detection, risk assessment, screening, diagnosis, and personalized/precision medicine,” Wong said.

The study will compare saliva and plasma samples from non-small-cell lung carcinoma patients to identify usctDNA molecules in saliva and use special extraction methods to improve overall sensitivity of current liquid biopsy procedures.

“At Spectrum Solutions, we are proud to sponsor Dr. Wong and UCLA in this exciting research project to unlock and harness the potential of saliva as a primary diagnostic resource to combat and improve the lives and well-being of people around the world,” said Stephen Fanning, president and CEO of Spectrum Solutions.

“We look forward to working with the innovative researchers at UCLA and pledge our full support,” Fanning said.

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