Turbine Outputs 30W for Fast Procedures

Richard Gawel


Designed to be used with all restorative dental procedures, the Tornado turbine from Bien-Air Dental delivers 30W of output power, which the company calls the best performance in the profession.

“Its new rotor design provides optimal air pressure distribution and exhaust flow, yielding 30 W of power and a compact head size,” said Ashley Whobrey, assistant general manager at Bien-Air USA Inc.

With this kind of power, dentists can complete their procedures in less time, according to the company. The Tornado also operates at 55 dB, which is 4 dB quieter than previous models.

“Its SteadyTorque technology and specially designed ceramic ball bearings make it the most silent, vibration-free turbine on the market,” said Ms. Whobrey.

The Tornado handpiece also sprays water from four ports for optimal cooling and offers LED illumination. For superior durability, the custom-designed ball bearings can handle the highest speed and heaviest loads, Bien-Air says. And, the Tornado’s bur-locking mechanism has been improved.

“Accu-Chuck PreciPlus, an extremely efficient bur-fastening system, authorizes vibration-less movement and comfort,” said Ms. Whobrey. “The Soft Push bur-release system is quick and safe. Less force is needed to insert and remove the bur.”

For details, call (800) 433-2436 or go to bienair.com.

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