Trays Streamline Implant Impression Process

Richard Gawel


Designed for both open and closed tray implant impression techniques, the i-plant Impression Trays from integrated dental systems (ids) target crown and bridge applications. Their rigid construction allows for more accurate impressions of single crown and long span implant restorations, according to ids vice president of technology Tim Torbenson.

“This eliminates potential inaccurate final restorations, minimizing remakes,” Mr. Torbenson said. “The clear material tray allows for enhanced visualization during the impression technique, and the highly perforated tray creates tremendous retention between the tray and the impression material.”

Convenient cutouts in each tray can be removed with cotton pliers for open tray impressions. The trays also can be used with extreme angulations. They’re compatible with facially angled impression copings. They enable easy frontal perforation. And, the ergonomic handle is designed to provide increased support and leverage.

“Dental implant impressions can be more difficult to remove due to the divergence or convergence of the impression posts. Proper removal is important to maintaining the accuracy of the impression itself without tearing or distorting the impression material,” Mr. Torbenson said. “The i-plant tray’s handle is designed with these issues in mind and allow for better leverage and a firmer grip to permit a clinician to have better control of the tray during retrieval.”

Traditional stock impression trays aren’t designed for use to impress dental implant restorations. They also can require time consuming alterations to accommodate the open tray or pickup implant impression technique. The company set out to improve upon these conditions.

“The i-plant trays are designed to streamline the process of capturing an open tray dental implant impression by enabling the clinician to simply remove a panel in the specially designed perforated i-plant tray to quickly and accurately capture the impression,” Mr. Torbenson said.

Trays are available in small, medium, and large (upper and lower) anterior, left and right quadrant in packages of 12. For details, go to or call (201) 676-2457.