Tougher Digital Sensor Improves Its Image

Richard Gawel


DentiMax has updated its Dream Sensor system with a tougher package and improved imaging. For example, a new protective plate acts like a shock absorber when a patient bites down or it’s dropped on the floor. Also, Kevlar reinforcement in the cord improves its durability.

“Most sensors fail right where the cable connects to the sensor housing—the sensor itself,” said David J. Arnett, DentiMax co-founder. “With the Kevlar reinforcement, we have never had a single sensor fail at that point.”

Users can expect a sharper picture too with improved filters that remove noise, otherwise known as pixilation. Improved calibration files also filter out noise in the image in addition to fixed pattern noise to make the image as clear as possible.

“The image quality is better than film,” said Arnett. “The image is as clear and diagnostic as film, but we have additional diagnostic tools that allow the practitioner to zoom, spotlight areas, and enhance areas of suspected caries or other areas of concern.”

The Dream Sensor can link or bridge from virtually all of the practice management packages on the market, including Henry Schein’s Dentrix and Easy Dental, Patterson Dental Supply’s Eaglesoft, and Carestream Dental’s SoftDent and PracticeWorks. It requires Windows-based computers, with Windows 7 and above recommended.

“Windows 10 works wonderfully,” Arnett said.

As a true open platform system, the DentiMax imaging system works with almost all of the dental hardware on the market. It also integrates natively with all of the sensors on the market, except Dexis. It works with all digital panoramic units, intraoral cameras, and cephs as well.

Training is included with any sensor bundle purchase. For more information, call (800) 704-8494 or visit

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