The Top 10 Practice Management Articles of 2016

Richard Gawel


You may be at the top of your game when it comes to clinical techniques. But how well do you handle the business side of your practice? Our team of experts explored marketing, finances, and personnel throughout 2016, and here are the Top 10 Practice Management Articles of the year, based on traffic at 

Use 9 Marketing Channels to Help Grow Your Practice

Jordon Comstock offers top promotional tips that you can use online and in the real world to attract and retain new patients.

How to Price an In-House Dental Savings Plan

Dr. Christopher Phelps reveals a strategy for cutting out the insurance middle-man and working with patients directly, improving both loyalty and case acceptance.

Design Your Mobile Website to Convert New Patients

With most patients turning to their smart phones to look up information, Lauren Hong provides 8 tips for making sure your website reaches this growing audience.

Outsourcing Billing Can Improve Cash Flow

Why tie up your staff’s valuable time with routine paperwork? Dr. Dorothy Kassab reveals how you can improve efficiency and reduce your expenses with some third-party help.

Five Signs You Should Invest in Digital Marketing

Are you on social media? How fresh is your website? Do you blog? Jackie Ulasewich discusses the importance of your digital footprint—and how getting online isn’t as hard as it looks.

Laser Dentistry Requires Bright Practice Management

Before you add a laser to your toolkit, check out what Drs. Saurabh Gupta and Rubina Khatoon have to say about safely managing them, training your staff, marketing them, and more. 

Retirement Reality: Going Beyond “What’s Your Number?”

You need to do more than crunch a round, seven-figure number for a goal. Victor Holloway walks practitioners through typically unforeseen obstacles that may arise.

How to Protect Your Practice’s Online Reputation

Despite years in a community, a single bad Yelp review can sink your practice. Naren Arulrajah offers strategies for managing how potential patients see you online.

Ignore the Business Side of Your Practice at Your Peril

The best clinical talent in town won’t ensure a successful practice unless you brush up on your marketing, operations, finance, and patient retention skills too, says Jordon Comstock.

Make Your Practice More Patient-Centric for More Success

The patient always should be the star of the show, according to Dr. Bobby Haney, and everyone on your staff needs to share this attitude.