The Top 10 COVID-19 News Stories of 2020

Richard Gawel


One story dominated the headlines this year, and the editors at Dentistry Today were on top of every development. We considered it our mission to keep you up to date on ever-changing guidelines and regulations, as well as emerging trends in treatment and management. Here are the Top 10 COVID-19 News Stories of 2020, based on reader traffic.

1. Wuhan Doctors Offer Dental Treatment Guidelines for the COVID-19 Outbreak

2. WHO, CDC, and FDA Offer PPE Updates for the COVID-19 Outbreak

3. CDC Updates Guidance for Dental Treatment During the Pandemic

4. Mouthwash May Fight Coronavirus

5. ADA Says Non-Emergency Treatment Should Be Postponed

6. ADA Updates PPE Guidelines as States Prepare to Reopen

7. NYSDA Asks Cuomo to Reopen New York Dental Practices

8. Dental Professionals Face Higher Risks of COVID-19 Exposure

9. EPA Offers List of Disinfectants Qualified for Use Against Coronavirus

10. ADA Provides COVID-19 Emergency Care Guidance and Webinar