The results of 12 years of research



The updated Scientific Report from Ivoclar Vivadent brings together the most important studies on the IPS e.max all-ceramic system that have been conducted in the course of the past 12 years. All of these studies confirm the successful performance and reliability of the IPS e.max system.

IPS e.max is an innovative all-ceramic restorative system which comprises lithium disilicate glass-ceramic and zirconium oxide materials for the press and CAD/CAM technique. The system is complemented by a universally applicable nano-fluorapatite glass-ceramic which is suitable for veneering all the components of the system.

Attractively presented scientific data
Since the initiation of its development more than a decade ago, the IPS e.max system has been scientifically investigated on an ongoing basis. With their studies many reputable experts have contributed to what has become a valuable resource for scientific data on IPS e.max. The most important study results including details on test methods, success cases and survival rates can be found in the IPS e.max Scientific Report.

Overall survival rate for the entire system of 96.6 per cent
The Report summarizes data on the clinical performance of IPS e.max that cover longer periods of time: up to five years for zirconium oxide and up to ten years for lithium disilicate. In addition, the overall survival rate for the entire system was calculated by combining the survival rates of IPS e.max Press (six studies), IPS e.max CAD (six studies) and IPS e.max ZirCAD (eight studies). These 20 studies involved a total of 1276 restorations. The overall survival rate for the IPS e.max system was calculated to be 96.6%.

Data on the individual system components
Apart from this result on the IPS e.max system as a whole, the Scientific Report also contains the results of clinical trials that focussed on the individual components. The lithium disilicate glass-ceramics IPS e.max Press and IPS e.max CAD, the zirconium oxide-based IPS e.max ZirCAD as well as related products such as IPS e.max ZirPress and IPS e.max Ceram were examined. In addition, the Report includes now also data on IPS e.max CAD-on, ranging over a period of three years.

The IPS e.max Scientific Report is available for downloading at or by calling the Ivoclar Vivadent customer service group at 800-533-6825.  Please refer to product code – 662725.

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