Dr. Paul Feuerstein Sits Down With Dr. Martin Kaplan to Talk LightScalpel Lasers

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Interview with Dr. Martin Kaplan on LightScalpel Laser Products

Our editor-in-chief, Dr. Paul Feuerstein, sits down for an interview with Dr. Martin Kaplan about how he came to work with LightScalpel laser products and all that the innovative company has to offer.

LightScalpel is an American-based surgical carbon dioxide laser designer and manufacturer located in Bothell, near Seattle, Washington.

LightScalpel’s laser engineers have over 300 years of combined technical expertise in the industrial and medical carbon dioxide laser industries (including positions at Laakmann Electro-Optics, Xanar, Coherent Medical, Synrad Inc., Luxar Corporation, ESC Medical Systems, Lumenis Inc., LuxarCare LLC, and Aesculight LLC).

Today, LightScalpel offers the LS-2010 and LS-1005—the most efficient and affordable carbon dioxide laser systems on the market, along with improved flexible waveguides, handpieces, and the most popular laser tips.

For more information, press play or visit https://www.lightscalpel.com.