In-Office Solution Simplifies Digital Dentistry

Glidewell In-Office Solution, Glidewell, digital dentistry


With the In-Office Solution, one can deliver fully sintered BruxZir NOW crowns and bridges while eliminating the need for oven time and significantly reducing the lab bill. Combining (1) AI-powered, one click designs; (2) reliable training and support directly from Glidewell; and (3) the flexibility to pair with the intraoral scanner of one’s choice, the In-Office Solution makes digital dentistry easy, accessible, and affordable. For more information, call (844) 949-7184, visit the website, or send email to

– Mill fully sintered BruxZir crowns and bridges with no oven time required—simply polish and cement.

– Let MarginAI and CrownAI do the design work for you so you can spend your time with your patients.

– You’re connected directly to Glidewell for training and support at any time.

– is an open system and works with your preferred scanning system. In-Office Solution, Glidewell, digital dentistry