Take Three Steps to Make Your Practice Invincible

Jackie Ulasewich-Cullen


So many practices are tired of falling into the volume trap. Most of the dentists we speak to would rather have higher-quality patients at a lower volume than the other way around.

Recently, we’ve experienced a situation no practice or small business was prepared for. It made many practices pause and think about how they wanted to move forward. They also recognized the need to market the right way to attract those high-quality patients.

In this video, I provide actionable information that you can take and implement in your practice marketing today to attract the right kind of patient. For example, the best practices kept marketing themselves even while they were closed. In fact, they marketed even more and set themselves apart from other practices in their area. Due to this effort, these dentists will continue to see growth because they have built an invincible practice.

What makes a practice invincible? These practices are taking three steps to attract the right patients and do the kind of dentistry they love.

Don’t Try to Be Everything to Everyone

Rather than trying to get the attention of anyone and everyone in their immediate area, these successful practices are focused on sending specific messages to their ideal patient. A laser-like focus is a must to reach these high-quality patients.

Running ads or sending postcards featuring all your services will get lost in the noise. Instead, craft a message that is specific to the kind of dentistry you want to do. Whether that’s implants, cosmetic work, or clear aligners, talk about those treatments in your marketing and how they may resonate with your ideal patient.

That includes highlighting their pain points. For instance, some patients probably don’t have confidence when they’re talking because they’re afraid their dentures might slip. Follow that up with the benefits of the treatment, and they won’t have to worry about speaking in public.

Also, include what makes you unique and talk about your patients who have had the treatment and how thrilled they are with the results.

Don’t Take a Cookie Cutter Approach

A customized approach to marketing is the second way that successful practices are able to attract high-quality patients. Most practices come to us with a cookie cutter website, Facebook page, blogs, and emails. The result is that they blend in with the other practices in their marketplace, and the right patients never notice them.

To grow a quality-driven practice, your marketing needs to portray that image, and that message starts with your website. From the photography to the copy, your website should reflect your unique qualities and why patients should care about you rather than the other dentist down the street.

Use Comprehensive Marketing

The third factor that contributes to successful practice marketing is a comprehensive marketing plan. What does that mean? You need all the pieces of your marketing working together to send out a cohesive message to your ideal patient. A nice website and Facebook page aren’t enough to grow a practice. Think holistically and fire on all cylinders so that you are utilizing all your marketing channels.

As important as it is to attract new patients, successful practices market to their existing patients as well. They use marketing to deepen their relationships with this group and leverage them to get in front of their friends and family and drive more value out of them.

Custom content that is distributed on a regular basis will help remind those patients on the fence about your treatments and services too. Send the content via email or post it on social media and do so consistently.

Marketing to the masses may seem like a good idea. But to build your practice on a strong and lasting foundation, focus on delivering quality content that matches your ideal patient. If you’d like to have a conversation about what you’ve read or seen in the video, please feel free to contact me at team@mydentalagency.com. 

With more than a decade of experience in corporate dental laboratory marketing and brand development, Ms. UlasewichCullen decided to take her passion for the dental business and marketing to the next level by founding My Dental Agency. Since starting her company, she and her team have helped a wide variety of practices all over the nation focus their message, reach their target audience, and increase their sales through effective marketing campaigns. She can be reached at (800) 689-6434 or via email at jackie@mydentalagency.com.

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