Swedish People Not Brushing Teeth Correctly



People in Sweden apparently need a lesson on brushing their teeth.

A survey of Swedish people indicated that just 1 out 10 people in the country brush their teeth the correct way. According to the research by the team at the University of Gothenburg, most people are brushing their teeth two times per day, just not the right way.

The problem many people are encountering is that they don’t know the best brushing techniques, according to the researchers. They also don’t know the value of fluoride and the best ways to utilize toothpaste.

The brushing habits of slightly more than 2,000 Swedes age 15 to 80 were analyzed for the study. Additional flaws when it came to brushing were not brushing at recommended times, not using toothpaste with fluoride and not brushing often enough.

One conclusion that can be drawn is that Swedish people brush their teeth because that’s what they’re supposed to do, not necessarily to prevent tooth decay or to keep their mouth healthy.

Still, 80 percent of the people surveyed stated that they were happy with their brushing routine. Better education, however, would be a big help for people that need to brush their teeth better. It’s the best way for people to reduce the risk of oral diseases and maintain solid oral health.