Subjects Needed for Study of E-Cigarettes’ Effect on Gum Health

Richard Gawel


Students and faculty at the Roseman University College of Dental Medicine need subjects for a study they are conducting on the effects of electronic cigarettes and vaping on gum health. Those interested can call (801) 878-1428 for a questionnaire to determine if they are qualified to participate. People who have used e-cigarettes for at least a year may qualify.

The study requires a one-time, 20-minute clinical visit. Participants won’t be charged for the visit, and they will receive a $10 Target gift card and a voucher for a free dental cleaning, valued at $50. According to the school, the community will benefit from the results of study, which could lead to new information about how gum disease affects the body. 

“Most are aware that traditional cigarettes cause harm and damage. But nobody really knows the effects of e-cigarettes, especially because without a lot of regulations, the manufacturers are free to put whatever ingredients they want to cater to the demand of the people,” said Joanna Lee, a DDM candidate with the school’s class of 2019.

The school notes that e-cigarettes are marketed as “safer” alternatives to tobacco products, and their sales have grown rapidly since their introduction. Yet there are many different types of products on the market, making it difficult to measure their biological effects, long-term harm, and total impact on public health. 

“As vaping is getting more popular, it’s really important that we get the right information out to the public about the effects it has to our oral health,” said Victoria Nguyen, a DDM candidate with the class of 2019. “We want to make sure the public is using products that are safe and doing no harm.”

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