Study Shows Many People Hate Smiling



More than a quarter of people don’t like smiling because of their teeth, according to a new study.

The information indicated that 28 percent of people don’t show their smile when taking pictures on social media because they assume their teeth are unattractive. Also, 81 percent of people state that they believe their teeth look unattractive in photographs.

The study included about 2,000 participants and was conducted by Bupa, an international healthcare group. The study also showed that 42 percent of people said their smile was the first thing they would change about themselves and slightly more than one third of the people said they were embarrassed by their smile.

Around half of the people in the study said they felt pressure to have a perfect smile, which could be caused by many things.

Despite the pressure to look good, many problems with dental aesthetics stem from decay or gum disease. Approximately half of the people who said they were embarrassed or worried about their smile said they didn’t know how to brush their teeth properly. There were 29 percent of the participants who said they didn’t always use toothpaste when brushing and more than two thirds said they never flossed. One out of five people also stated that they chewed gum instead of brushing.

No matter about how people feel about their smile, the results of the study weren’t promising in regards to the way people view oral health. The reason a person’s smile doesn’t look the way he or she wants could be because the person doesn’t take the necessary measures to maintain good oral health.