Study Shows HPV Increases Risk of Periodontitis



Another study indicates that the Human Papilloma Virus increases the risk of developing a form of gum disease, such as periodontitis.

The University of Buffalo study indicated that those infected with HPV tumors showed greater bone loss, something that’s generally associated with periodontitis.

Many other studies have demonstrated the link between poor oral health and the increased risk of cancer. This study pinpoints, the link of HPV and gum disease. Also, periodontitis is now the top cause of tooth loss, even greater than tooth decay.

Bad oral health raises the possibility of developing some type of oral cancer and is a major cause of gum disease.

Many recent studies have shown that the number of HPV-causing cancer cases is going up. The only way to turn back this trend is for people to practice better oral health as a whole.

Diagnosing HPV, gum disease and oral cancer early is one of the main factors in successfully treating the problems. Maintaining solid oral health is the best way to avoid the diseases completely.