Study Claims Smile is Key to Everything

Dentistry Today


An attractive smile leads to success and happiness.

That’s what many people assume, according to a dental research group in the United Kingdom. More than half of the people surveyed believe that a nice smile can have a positive impact on the rest of your life. About 60 percent of the people surveyed thought an unattractive smile prevented a person from finding a good job or attracting a life partner.

Despite these revelations, only about half the people surveyed visited the dentist on a regular basis. One out of seven people surveyed said they had not seen the dentist in the last four years and 4 percent of people stated that they had never been to a dentist.

There were several other interesting findings in the survey. One out of seven people claimed they would give up sex for a year in exchange for the perfect smile and 20 percent of the people said they wouldn’t consume alcohol for a year if they would be guaranteed a perfect smile.

Although the results appear to make sense based on the way society feels, the amount of people that don’t visit the dentist is higher than expected.