Some Dentists Want Warnings Printed on Sugary Drinks



Dentists in Ireland are starting a campaign to have warnings on sugary drinks. The campaign comes after recent figures indicate high rates of decay involving children.

Some studies are showing that about half of 12-year-olds and 75 percent of 15-year-olds in Ireland have some type of decay. Dentists are pinpointing sugary drinks as the cause for these significant amounts of tooth decay.

Ireland’s soft drink consumption is among the highest of all countries in the Western hemisphere. These drinks are extremely unhealthy, and eventually lead to oral health problems and an increased risk for other diseases, like diabetes.

These sugary acids also result in the mouth producing plaque acids that may be harmful. These acids then damage the enamel and the teeth, making the teeth susceptible to decay.

That’s why government officials in Ireland are calling for this warning label on sugary drinks. Ireland has implemented a warning system for alcohol and tobacco products that has been effective, so the country wants to do the same for sugary drinks. There is also legislation for a tax on sugar products and the money would then be placed into a fund involving dental services.