Some 2016 CDT Manual Flash Drives Infected with Virus



The ADA is advising members and other professionals who have the 2016 CDT manual that some flash drives packaged with the materials include malware. According to the ADA, only a small percentage of drives includes the infection, which was acquired from a subcontractor of an ADA vendor during their manufacture.

The credit-card-sized USB drives include an electronic copy of the manual. The ADA has informed all customers via email or letter of the infection. The organization also has worked with its resellers and distributors to ensure their customers were notified. A link to an online version of the manual has been provided as well.

The ADA reports that antivirus software should detect the malware if it’s present, though the group also advises dentists who haven’t used the drive yet to throw it away. Dentists who have used the drive without issue should continue to use it. According to the ADA, fewer than 10 people have reported an infection on their drive.

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