Soda Ban in New York Should Boost Oral Health



The state of oral health in New York City may soon be on the rise.

City health officials voted, 8-0, in favor of banning 16-oz soft drinks. New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg brought up the legislation earlier this year.

The goal behind this legislation was to lower obesity rates, which have become a major problem in the United States. Without consuming sodas in the same large quantity as in the past, oral health will likely improve. The amount of sugar in soda, especially 16-oz serving sizes, is extremely problematic for one’s dental health.

A standard size soft drink contains 12 teaspoons of sugar on average.

Sugar results in many oral health problems, including gingivitis and decay. Plaque eventually develops from the bacteria, which damages the tooth enamel.

A University of California study has determined that soft drink consumption has continually gotten worse during the last 50 years, which has adversely impacted oral health as a whole. Excessive sugar consumption results on obesity, in addition to various oral health problems.

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