Snoring May Lead to More Arguments Between Partners



You may want to visit your dentist if you have problems with snoring.

A survey indicates that snoring results in many arguments involving partners. Four out of 10 snorers state that there is an argument in the middle of the night as a result of snoring.

The results may lead to the sleeping partners moving apart, wrestling over sleep positions or moving their partner. The study revealed that 28 percent of people end up sleeping in a different room to get away from the snoring person.

There were 1,134 people snorers that took part in the study, along with their partners.

The study also showed that 27 percent of people were grumpy and irritable because of the lost sleep. About 21 percent of the people were tired during the next day and 16 percent reported that they were less productive than they would have been with a full night of rest.

Snoring stems from the vibration when air passes over the soft palate. Many factors could result in snoring, including obesity, being overweight, sleeping on one’s back or having a cold.

Snoring could eventually adversely impact a person’s health.

There are many ways to treat snoring, including visiting the dentist. Several new procedures have been developed for dentists to thwart snoring. Antisnoring devices or surgery are also options.