Smylen Wins Revere Partners’ “Innovation Award” at Yankee Dental Congress




Smylen is proud to announce that it has won the “Innovation Award” from Revere Partners at this year’s Yankee Dental Congress for its newest product, AirPay.

Revere Partners is the first independent venture fund for oral health companies and their Innovation Award is presented to the company “with the most groundbreaking technology and ability to change the course of oral care and improve health outcomes”.

AirPay was launched in 2021 and streamlines the check-in and check-out processes for dental patients & front desk teams. AirPay automates insurance verification, calculates out of pocket responsibility, and provides seamless digital payment orchestration, solving a systemic industry challenge.

“Smylen’s product AirPay solves a major pain point for dental practices in the verification, pre-authorization and administration of a patient’s prepaid dental benefit. A creative digital answer to a decades-old manual process problem,” said Kathleen O’Loughlin, former Executive Director of the American Dental Association and one of the award’s judges.

Dr. Roshan Parikh, the former Former Head of Dentistry for Walmart said, “As a DSO executive and general dentist, AirPay is applicable and quite relevant for every operator from a single-location dentist to a 900 location DSO. Solving dental administration problems with more human capital is not the answer. The pandemic has taught us how shaky that approach can be. Looking to technology to help solve these problems is necessary and is exactly what Smylen has been able to accomplish, in a short period of time. To me, that rapid adoption and this award tells me they are solving a lingering dilemma that has been plaguing dentistry for decades.”

Smylen is a dental technology company based in New York City that makes software to improve outcomes for both patients & providers.

Founded by former dentists, Smylen’s solutions are based on challenges they’ve experienced first-hand and have been quickly resonating with dental practices nationwide.

“Smylen is leading a growth area within the dental industry, changing the landscape of how patients find a high quality, nearby, and affordable provider – a rare trifecta to achieve. With AirPay, they are revolutionizing the way people pay for dental care nationwide.” said Dr. Jeremy Krell, Managing Partner at Revere Partners.


  • DR. KATHLEEN O’LOUGHLIN – Former Executive Director of the American Dental Association

  • DR. JEREMY KRELL – Managing Partner at Revere Partners

  • DR. ROSHAN PARIKH – Founder, DSO Strategy; Former Head of Dentistry, Walmart, U.S.

  • DR. NADEEM KARIMBUX – Dean at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine

  • DR. THOMAS VAN DYKE – VP of Clinical & Translational Research, Forsyth Institute

  • DR. BRUCE LIEBERTHAL – Chief Innovation Officer, Henry Schein

  • KIRILL ZAYDENMAN – VP of Innovation at CareQuest Institute for Oral Health

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Photo by form PxHere.