Ivoclar Named DENTAL ADVISOR 2022 Innovative Company of the Year




Ivoclar Inc. is proud to announce that the company has been awarded DENTAL ADVISOR’s 2022 Innovative Company of the Year. The highly-respected award recognizes Ivoclar’s continued commitment to the research and development of integrated product solutions that meet the needs and end-user performance expectations of dental professionals. A leader in delivering quality products backed by quantitative research and performance data, Ivoclar was also recognized for its commitment to educating dental professionals. 

“We are thrilled to award Ivoclar the Innovative Company of the Year for 2022″ said Dr. Sabiha S. Bunek, DDS, CEO and editor-in-chief and founding member of DENTAL ADVISOR. “They are leaders in dentistry, continually introducing new concepts, products and equipment that really illustrate they understand the needs of dental professionals.”

Three Ivoclar Inc. products received DENTAL ADVISOR’s 2022 Top Award Winner honors. The BluePhase PowerCure curing light for its innovative alert and correction system that vibrates to alert users to potential curing issues and automatically increases curing time by 10 seconds to ensure a thorough cure along with its 3S Cure 3-second flash cure mode.

VarioLink Esthetic LC light and dual-curing luting composite was awarded 2022 Top Award Winner for its shade stabilizing Ivocerin technology and new high viscosity formulation for placement of thin restorations such as veneers without concern of displacement during seating. Monobond Plus was recognized as a truly universal quick-acting primer for use on all substrates including composites without the need to refrigerate.

“At Ivoclar, we strive to deliver quality products that meet the highest standards of oral health care,” said Dr. George Tysowsky DDS, MPH, FACD, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Training, Ivoclar Inc. “Developing innovative state-of-the-art technology and material solutions is our passion and our commitment to the dental industry.” 

About the Ivoclar Group

The Ivoclar Group, headquartered in Schaan, Liechtenstein, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of integrated solutions for high-quality dental applications. The company’s success is based on a comprehensive portfolio of products, systems and services, strong research and development capabilities and a clear commitment to training and further education.

The group of companies, which sells its products to around 130 countries, has 47 subsidiaries and branch offices and employs roughly 3,500 people worldwide. More information about the Ivoclar Group is available at ivoclar.com.

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Malek Glanc from Pixabay.