Dr. Bruce Smoler, the First and Only in Michigan to Perform Robotic-Assisted Dental Implant Procedures

Smoler Smiles


Smoler Smiles and Dr. Bruce Smoler are providing their patients a new level of care with the first and only FDA-approved robotic device in the world to assist with dental implant surgery. This state of the art implant robotic technology ensures highly accurate and desired implant placement. The minimally invasive, time-saving approach is more precise than the human hand. Patients benefit from fewer visits, greater patient comfort, faster healing, and less treatment time.

“I have reached my ambitious goal of placing 100 implants in 100 days with the assistance of the new robotic technology,” says Dr. Bruce Smoler. At Smoler Smiles, we believe no one should have to suffer from the problems of missing teeth, poor fitting dentures and partials. Our goal is to help all suffering patients enjoy transformational dentistry, allowing them to live life to the fullest and enjoy the simplest of pleasures in everyday living.

Features and benefits of dental implant robotic technology includes:

Efficient Treatment: New robotic technology allows same day implants. Less time in the dental chair, fewer visits, and faster healing. Resulting in a saving of both time and money.

Minimally Invasive: Dr. Bruce Smoler is able to provide treatment with no incisions and no sutures. Reducing healing times and minimizing pain.

Accuracy: Dr. Bruce Smoler can plan and precisely place patient specific implants to help ensure imperial dental function and a brilliant smile.

Robotic-assisted dental implant procedures are now being performed at the Smoler Smiles Westland office. For more information, please visit www.855NeedTeeth.com.

About Smoler Smiles

For almost 35 years, Dr. Smoler has changed the lives of thousands with dental implants as one of the most innovative full arch implant dentists in the country. He consistently leads the way the way bringing new technologies to Michigan; including PRGF stem cell therapy, Crystal Ultra nanoceramic full arch bridges, and EnvisionsTecOne 3D printing, and his own fulltime certified in-office lab technician. His highly trained team works diligently to make all patients experience a comforting and calming visit, providing world class care in your own neighborhood.


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