AI Dental Radiology Technology Awarded US Patent

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The United States Patent Office has issued patent number 10,984,529 to Pearl for “Systems and methods for automated medical image annotation,” which covers the technological system underpinning the user interface (UI) of its Second Opinion assistive dental radiology artificial intelligence (AI) device.

Second Opinion displays AI-detected pathologies, restorations, and other dental conditions for dental practitioners and patients in the clinical setting. The machine learning models responsible for producing an accurate radiologic assessment express their findings on the nature and location of any detected features as a raw data stream.

Pearl’s patented system takes that data and translates it into a user-friendly visual representation, the company said. When a patient’s X-ray is displayed within the UI, the device draws viewers’ attention to any AI-detected dental conditions by circumscribing the location of the detection within a labeled bounding shape overlay.

“This patent further illustrates Pearl’s dedication to enhancing the dental category end to end,” said Pearl chief technology officer Cambron Carter.

“AI-assisted radiology is our core focus at Pearl, but no technology is effective unless it is easy to use as a tool. The United States Patent Office’s recognition of the unique value of our user interface is a testament to the importance of user experience to technological innovation,” Carter said.

Second Opinion, which recently received the CE mark certification required for distribution in European Union member territories, is Pearl’s first AI solution developed for patient-facing clinical use.

Capable of detecting and measuring a wide assortment of pathologies, existing restorations, and natural anatomy in dental X-rays, Second Opinion was developed to serve as a second set of eyes for dentists, helping them ensure the reliability of their radiologic evaluations, Pearl said.

Used in a clinical setting, dentists can point to Second Opinion’s AI detections to fortify patient confidence in a diagnosis, the company said.

“We are proud of the work we’re doing to usher AI into the dental industry,” said Pearl founder and CEO Ophir Tanz.

“No matter how advanced the technology underlying the AI products Pearl brings to market may be, we strive always to maintain focus on making our AI accessible for the people who are using it. Today’s patent news is really about Pearl’s commitment to the belief that for AI to make dentists better, we have to make AI better for dentists,” Tanz said.

The patent follows two other patent grants for Pearl’s AI technologies this year, including one for enhancing the restoration fabrication workflow, and another for automating insurance claims processing.

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